Understanding your relationship style can help you understand your needs in a relationship and will help you build fulfilling relationships, not just in your romantic life but also in any aspect of your life.

Find out what your style is and how it affects your relationships by answering these 12 short questions. Keep your current romantic partner in mind when answering the questions – or the most recent one if you are currently not seeing anyone. In order to receive the most accurate results, please answer each question as honestly as possible. After finishing the test, you will receive a free detailed report with an introduction, a graph and a personalised interpretation for your test scores.

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1.I’m afraid that I will lose my partner’s love. *
2.I often worry that my partner will not want to stay with me. *
3.I feel comfortable sharing my private thoughts and feelings with my partner. *
4.I feel comfortable depending on romantic partners. *
5.I worry that romantic partners won’t care about me as much as I care about them. *
6.I prefer not to be too close to romantic partners. *
7.I get uncomfortable when a romantic partner wants to be very close. *
8.I find that my partner don’t want to get as close as I would like. *
9.I talk things over with my partner. *
10.I’m afraid that once a romantic partner gets to know me, he or she won’t like who I really am. *
11.It makes me mad that I don’t get the affection and support I need from my partner. *
12.It’s easy for me to be affectionate with my partner. *

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